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 What are the most powerful tools that a top producing sales person can possess beside an emphatic personality with good self-esteem( not ego)? The primary tool number one is rapport. People have got to feel this feeling of  caring and deep connection. You must make that connection. The sales process is more fun when you approach it from a point of view of two friends having an informative and meaningful exchange.  In this exchange you are both the leader and seeker of information.  So how do you seek out information that will help you help your clients’ best interest with ease comfort, elegance?

To establish rapport there are many ways but questions are the pivotal point of a sales presentation.  The art of asking question will give you the power to influence, guide and help your clients make the best decision for themselves and you are honored to help and provide appropriate guidance through out the process.

So a frame work for questioning should be dynamic yet very systematic.  When you asked them questions in the context of a conversation not an interrogation, you will harness alot of resources and be infinitely more effective in your career as a high integrity sales professional.  In fact every step of sales process is a series of questions and each answer the clients provide for  you, will take you one step closer to the successful completion of the sale.

By asking questions you will find their  motivation and their beliefs. You will show them how their beliefs are inline with the decision of engaging or not engaging. By asking the right questions you will  find their deep wants and needs. Questions can help you test close, and the questions will take the pressure off of you.

However you do need to have your questions rehearsed in the manner that each question will lead you to the next step, closer towards the completion of the process of your job as a sales professional.  The more you ask and encourage the client to share information with you the more your clients will appreciate it. Asking question and really listening demonstrates a genuine sense of caring and your clients will be more trusting of you and the solutions that you offer them. 

So here is a simple frame work to follow.  You may need to put them in the right context for your field of service and you need to put them in the right syntax.

Click on the link to access your copy of the sample quesitons   sales-success-2

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