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  Conditioning for Success 

The ideas presented here are well researched based on modern cognitive neuron science, behavioral, physiological and evolutionary psychology.  These ideas are deeply rooted in the principles that govern the human nervous system.  These ideas are developed and researched based on innate wisdom and knowledge that has proven vital to our survival as a species on the face of this planet.  We have the capacity to adopt, change and develop through out our lives in every stage of life with whatever large or small resources we have.  What humans are capable of doing and what they are willing to do are two separate issues.  What we are willing to do is based on what we have as a frame of reference conditioned over time such as belief and attitude and rituals.  What we are capable doing is much greater of what we demonstrate, however to reach our maximum potential it requires disciplined, hard work to discover, and optimize those potentials.  I must admit it is not an easy task otherwise everyone will be at the top of their game. I must also admit that it dose not happen all on its own.  IT REQUIRES LABOUR UNDER CORRECT KNOWLDEGE, you might have heard of a little word called LUCK.  The fact remains, that only a small percentage of population just like yourself who are not content with the status quo will discover newer talents and master newer skills and become the great followers and leaders of a fulfilled life full of opportunities. 

  1. What dose it mean to be Conditioned for Performance and Why?
  2. What are the primary tools for Conditioning?
  3. How To Train and Condition ?
  4.  How Often to Train and Condition? 




    Here are some ideas that will help us condition our mind and body for maximum performance!

    A)      Use the power of procedural memory, It can be done by following the same routine over and over and over.

    B)      Use even spaced intervals, to practice the new task or skill you want to master. Do it everyday and do it with intervals.

    C)      Pay attention to the pattern of physiology, i.e. breathing, posture, eye movement, heart rate, and control the speed of thoughts through your head.

    D)     Associate the new task with an old fun task, introduce music.

    E)      Perform the task in your mind before you would attempt in real world.

    F)      Visualize the outcome   three times before attempting it in the real physical world.

    G)     If possible perform the task faster and faster in your head with white bright light and then with complete darkness.

    H)      Chant a phrase as you perform the task, and enjoy it more and more add color to it.

    I)         Give yourself environmental signals, such as light, dark, color, smell texture for initiation and priming, and retention.

    J)       Find associates and create an environment that will induce and support the new changes

    K)      Get resources and attend learning venues that keep you focused and recondition you over and over and over, Never End Learning!


    These and many more ideas are explored further by engaging in one of our many programs. Are you ready for the challenge of  learning and practicing some new neour associative conditioning tools based on the NCS( Neuro Cognitive Science)? Yes Lets Begins!