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Wealth Certainty an Overview

Creating wealth is simple, yet most people fail to build it because they have holes in their financial foundations. These can be found in the form of internal value and belief conflicts, as well as poor plans that virtually guarantee financial failure. The most common reason people do not become financially independent is their psychology—they have mixed associations to what it would take to have more money, as well as what it would mean to have excess money.

Your brain knows what to do only when it has a clear association about what it needs to avoid and what it needs to move toward. For money, we send mixed signals—and so we get mixed results. We tell ourselves that money will provide us freedom, a chance to give to those we love, a chance to contribute beyond ourselves, a chance to do all those things we have always dreamed about. Yet simultaneously we may believe that in order to accumulate an abundance of money, we’d have to work so much harder, and spend so much more time that we would probably be too old and too tired to enjoy it. Or we may believe that if we have excess money, we won’t be spiritual, or we will be judged, or we will invest it improperly and lose it, or someone will swindle us out of it anyway, so why even try?

These negative associations are not limited to us. Some people resent anyone who is doing well financially, and often they assume that if someone has made a lot of money, he or she must have done something to take advantage of others. If you find yourself resenting someone who is wealth, what message does that send your brain? It is probably something like having excess money is bad. If you harbor these feeling for others, you are subconsciously teaching your mind that for you to do well and be wealthy would make you a bad person. By resenting other’s success, you condition yourself to avoid the very financial abundance that you need and desire.



This program will impact your financial life positively by first finding your emotional blue print as it relates to money and secondly it will stress test and find your financial fitness, third it will provide guidance, insight and a plan catered to realize your financial dream, and ultimately anchor in new identity of you as a financial independent person. These concepts are used by Millionaires across the G8 and are proven to provide results and compress decades of learning into days and week of rapid shift.

The future is here and won’t wait for anyone; one of the best resources that is leveraged properly by rich is the cost of opportunity and value of time. Let your journey begin and start the massive increase in insight and action that will empower your financial fitness.

Wealth Certainty