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The Time Paradox

Time is defined both figuratively and literally through out the history. Here we neither promise to change the speed of time nor do we promise to generate a time machine. Our objective here is very simple. It is to help examine our old beliefs about time. We will share some amazing magical powers of time that will help us cope with time, next time we feel pressured against it or we are not able to get everything we want to get done. What will discover is why is it that we meet everyone’s demands deadlines and expectations and yet we feel unhappy, drained and unsatisfied? 

So what are some of these magical powers of time you might ask? Well, the magic of time is depicted and buried deep within our belief system and our frame of reference. It is all relative. In fact the software of time is installed in every species of animals and plants, and this software is activated by set of biochemical interactions that gives each species a certain feeling in every time segment through out the day. Our body type is relative to the nature’s cycle and in each moment in time we feel different magnitude of time.   For instance, time can be moving so fast in one moment where you can lose count of it, and in  annother occasion  it might be going so slow, that five minutes will feel like an eternity. Try this, time yourself, and hold your breath for two minutes. How long did it feel? Therefore time is an emotion a feeling that is so illusive and intangible that we can never control it and yet so powerful when we run out of it we practically die. The other magical paradox of time is that although it is not tangible yet it gives rise to everything tangible in nature and yet if we remove the intangible i.e. time from the equation of nature,we  will not obtain the tangibles in life. For example  if we take a seed and plant it in the soil and give it whatever it needs to grow except time, the seed will not grow into a full plant, why? Another example is a wound. Give the wound some medical attention but open it soon after and don’t give it time. Will the wound heal fast? Why?  Therefore we can see that when it comes to time we are helpless unless we play by the rule book. 


It is all fine but how is it going to help me? You might ask!   With understanding this concept we learn that just like we can not control, weather and other natural phenomenon, we cannot control or manage time. For many decades people have tried to figure out a better way to manage time and yet each new invention and tool has failed to manage time for us and has been counter productive. Therefore by acknowledging this fact with grace and humility, we begin to remove our old beliefs system of trying to manage our time, with a new belief system. That new belief system is that we can never mange time in relation to our life, rather we can mange our life in relation to time. That is about the only thing we can do to improve our quality of life.

So what are we going to learn in this program? Why every person must have this program? In this program we will use belief repair and install a new belief system as it relates to time, we will fine tune our daily ritual to support us in a better way. We will reset our internal clock to work efficiently with grace.  What it means to you is that by learning these key concepts you will begin to develop a new identity as it relates to time and over time you will consistently behalf in that manner. Further what it will mean to you is that you will improve your memory, efficiency, over all health by reducing stress and improving your sleep, and you will have more quality time with your kids, family and friend. This program will make you wealthier and you will have plenty of time to have fun in your life.  Let us not kill time instead let us discover it in places you never thought possible. if  you ever feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed  and late, you must act now before you lose another decade or two of your life to act.
Now is the Magic of Time 

Time Paradox