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An Overview

Emotion & Relationship mastery is the ultimate opportunity to take our lives to the next level by mastering the skills necessary to create an empowering meaning in any situation and to manage our states of mind consistently across contexts. It requires an unwillingness to settle for anything less than what we can do, be, have, create, and give by not only understanding, but utilizing the fundamental strategies and skills necessary to create an extraordinary quality of life not only for ourselves, but also for all those we have the privilege to touch. Emotional masters are those people, who are devoted to lead by example, character, commitment, and contribution. These leaders continually put themselves on the line and always give 100%. These inspirational leaders maximize their capacity to connect, care, maintain a vision and help themselves and others discover their true identity. They tell the truth to themselves and others in ways that compels them to follow through on doing the right thing not because they have an audience but because  they have an integral self!
Emotional Mastery is about taking off our masks, breaking through our fears, and reminding ourselves of the truth: that our limitation and fears are entirely self-inflicted, that we already possess all that we need to create an extraordinary quality of life, that the source of power lives within each of us, and that we already have the ability to alter the course of our lives right now. This level of mastery is an invitation for each of us to recognize and put to use the powerful resources we already possess such as courage, faith, determination, hunger and drive to grow and contribute at the deepest most powerful level. At times we will be met with tremendous resistance in the process, however, as we all know, the only way we will develop our emotional muscles is to meet the resistance with the commitment, intensity, and the repetition required to train and condition ourselves to become who we really are capable of becoming

Here you will be empowered to use the skill, distinction and experiences you have learned to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in any areas of your life.

 Identity Transformation – the ability to create global change

  3 levels of Mastery- Intellectual, Emotional, Physical

The Mood Meter- the opportunity to measure where you are and to change any emotion from dis-empowering to empowering instantly

 Menu of Way to Feel Good- the capacity to expand the palate of emotions you experience on a consistent basis

Anchoring – the skill to change your state immediately through incantations, rebounding etc.

Belief System-The power to create beliefs that empower you and change your life

Magic Moments- the skill to find an appreciate the magic in any situation

Powerful Experiences- the capacity to learn from and utilize experiences such as The 4 Mile Walk, Rebounding, Daily incantation, and much much more

                 “The story and experiences of your life will be that of the emotions you have felt, experienced, demonstrated and transferred consistently,”

                                                                                                                                                                                 ——– Hamid Azizi

Emotion & Relationship Mastery