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Mastering the Domain of Relationships
Dear Friends,
I like to personally welcome you to this very important corner of this resource center called “livensuccess”.  What is the point of attaining success and have no one to share the success with?  If you are like me  and like most people you at least know a dozen of people who had to go through an enormous pain and suffering due to heart ache stemming from the area of personal relationship. If I am not mistaken you might even know someone really intimately to have experienced or still is experiencing some challenges in this area of life. Relationship is one of the centrifugal forces in our lives and it can impact our mental state and our willingness to strive to take certain actions or not and it is in this powerful dynamic that we discover ourselves and expand our existence.   I like to welcome you personally and serve you a great deal of value in discovering some territories in the map of relationships.

I have had the unique and immense pleasure of having worked under direct supervision of a Phd. Scientist in the field of clinical psychology and the author of over 10 university courses’ text books in the area of family development psychology and couple’s therapy. Further having completed the strategic intervention coaching training certification and having completed the marriage education and divorce prevention certification courses and have written and researched in the field of intimate relationships, I am hereby humbled to have had a great pleasure to have learned from leaders in this field and am grateful to part with you what others have parted with me with pure purpose of serving you.  

Relationships are vehicles that meet human needs. They expand human experiences and further magnify the human emotions. They are of various types, levels and characteristics and intensity and in everyday life we are in some sort of relationships with others and it is where about 95% of our satisfaction and or dissatisfaction ultimately come from in life.

Relationships are primal needs of all; it starts at birth and stays a primal need throughout life. Understanding and figuring out relationships and how one plays a role within them is not static concept, relationships change as a dynamics of interplay between various parts of our personality tapestry.  It really is a complex science to account for every factor that makes or breaks a relationship in various formats.

However in its basic form relationships are there to meet our needs and we meet other people’s needs, and if this two interplay does not exist the relationship may not exist and if for some reason the relationship can survive it will not be a vibrant and fulfilling one.

The focus of here is to establish the fundamental frame work to relatively understand and have an empowering feeling of how best to navigate this one and only chance to life on this planet with ultimate passion and vibrancy and ultimate joy, while sharing the journey with others in our immediate personal life and the world at large. Here we will elaborate on the patterns of success and failure in relationships in general and in particular intimate relationships.

Here we will go over the work of pioneers of the field and discuss a broad range of disciplines in psychology namely psycho-analysis, Behaviorism, Cognitive and therapeutic methods to add enormous value to your skill sets in developing, growing and ultimately living the partnership and a relationship of your dreams. Some of the empowering concepts will be the practical implication needs matrix and how they relate to relationship, personality mismatch, stages of Growth and Stages of Death of a relationship. You will discover the biochemical substrate that leads to building up plateau and breakdown further you will discover the gap of where you are right now and why in terms of your relationships and where you want to be. We will share the seven keys to understanding relationships, further we will have an exercise whereby we will direct our subconscious mind to design your ultimate mate and how to attract the right kind of people into your life. You will discover the interplay of different personalities and cognition types in a relationship and how they play out in real world and much more.
Staying Together You Are Stronger…… Start with understanding with your heart…..

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