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Bi-Weekly Coaching

If you don’t think you need coaching, strategy, constant improvement and you can magically use a magic wan and consistently perform based on your highest potential, then you are one of the luckiest sales professionals congratulation  and this coaching platform is not for you go ahead close the page. However  if you are still reading you must be a realistic sales professional who understands the essence of success. You really understand that sales arena is  as dynamic fluid, and ever so fast changing and more crowded now more than ever before.  Therefore in order to compete at the highest level you must train consistently to be at your ultimate best and compete at the highest level.  You are the driver of your business and you might really want to know what really drives you and what really hinders your performance. There is one word that determines that and that is  Psychology.
When we peel away the word sales to its very core, sales ultimately is the transfer of emotion.  Through out humanity it is the power of emotions that have destroyed and have built, it is the power of emotions that is at the core of all performance.  So if psychology is so interwoven at the core of our profession and life, and since sales is ultimately a transfer of emotion wouldn’t it make sense to make it a priority and as the result relate understand and sell at the higher level. In today’s ultra transparent competitive and crowded sales environment the old bag of tricks that have given such a bad rep to the profession is no longer working.
The last decade and half has introduced a great deal of opportunities and challenges in all forms of selling, with more and more control placed at the finger tips of consumers and with more and more power given through information it is now more than ever before to claim your expert position in your field and assume leadership role and deliver out of the box results.  This mode of performance requires and extraordinary level of knowledge, understanding and executive assertion. This is the right time to invest and harness the power of psychology as there are many competing factors, options choices and even more confusion in the market place now more than ever.   Therefore this is the best time engage and harness the power of this powerful resource.
Having been in sales for over two decades have seen and enormous transformation and change particularly in the last decade.  My passion for sales and my discovery of it is direct connection with psychology happened almost by an accident.  I started out a floor sales man at a department store with minimum wage and soon after I was surprised that I could earn way more than just my salary.  When I was hired as a sales person I was so excited that I had a job that I did not even look at the compensation plan.  When I got my first paycheck I realized that I had made double my salary in commission selling mattresses and appliance. My department was called the big ticket items.  In retrospect when I look back what let to my success in selling in high volume was the fact that all the customers who would come and browse and all the customers that were just looking they would come back and really seek me out to buy from me as the result I had better sales number than the guys who were my seniors by decades. After looking at my first check I realized that if I combine my strategy of dealing with people and combine it with bigger tick item how would it change my life.  Immediately the words, cars, houses, insurance, vacations, financial products came to mind.  As an ambitious younger man I pursued a career in all of these fields and in each case built a company of my own and became the CEO of each company.  My psychology had taken me to the top but could not keep me there. After multiple painful failures through soul searching and pondering a great deal I found out the reasons of my failure and found out that there is one single difference that makes all the difference.  Through practical life experiences combined with 2.5 decades of academic research, and the implication of both insight and judgment I am 100% convinced that the difference that make all the  profound differences is psychology.
This Coaching platform is designed for professionals who have the following objectives
                                             1.    Increase Presentation skills
                                             2.    Increase Communication skills
                                             3.    Increase Quality of Customer Care
                                             4.    Improve Closing Ratio
                                             5.    Leverage More Time and Asset
                                             6.    Maintain Momentum and Drive
                                             7.    Maintain Positive Attitude
                                             8.    Resolve inner conflicts that hinder production
                                            9.    Relate Better to Clients 
                                           10.    Run a Better Social Media Campaign
                                           11.    Expert Positioning
                                           12.    Building a strong support network

What will you get?
Interactive Coaching Platform 
1 hour Life Business Integration valued at $300 FREE

4x Annual Performance Reviews Valued at  $1200  FREE
26 Business Sessions biweekly Online Training
8 Master Steps
1. How to  Build a Huge Sales Funnel ?
2. How to Generate Leads In High Volume?
3. How to Clear  the leads’ Funnels?
4. How To Close For More Appointments?
5. How To Present Professionally?
6. Over Coming Objections
7. Closing
8. Building List
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