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Strategic Intervention Coaching
 360 Breakthrough Comes By Mind Shift

As a certified strategic interventionist I know that breakthrough is a shift in beliefs, perceptions, projections and standards. It happens in one moment, by one decision with one insight and with taking one step with faith. 

It comes from inside, you break out of your condition and limitations. It is available to anyone in any moment. Breakthrough is considering like losing 100LB. It is like facing responsibility paying the price. It is like freeing up your mental energy to perform better and better in all areas of your life. 

Sometimes it is failure that pushes us over the edge. You either get playful enough or angry enough. Breakthrough is a radical transformation. How an obstacle can be the beginning of a new life and how your perspective changes forever. 

Breakthrough is always physical but starts out as a psychological shift. You get psychologically stronger. You figure out how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Sometimes you increase the gap which is a nature’s test to see if you really want to close that gap  

In this program you will learn the three important elements of breakthrough and four stages of progress that will result in lasting change and magnificent breakthrough. What it will mean to you? It will mean momentum, power, insight, more importantly control and leverage your emotions. You will benefit from your frustrations and will change them into fascination in a proven method. This will give you not just the advantage but the emotional muscle to take simple actions and compound them into massive giant leaps that will give you momentum. Without momentum there is no breakthrough. If you feel that everything is broken down, it is good news that is a sign of a breakthrough being imminent, provided you follow through.  The best part of this program is focus and balance in all areas of life.  It is a holistic and an integral approach. 


 To create breakthrough you must have radical tactical shift and these three essential elements must be present.

1. Change your focus. Know what you want in advance.

2. Find Strategy that gets you there.

3. Eliminate inner conflicts. These are the conflicts that are making you not follow through.  

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