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About Hamid
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Hamid Azizi is a  Researcher , Author, Speaker, Behavior Modification & Motivation Expert Entrepreneur In Business Planning & Development in Key Industries, Certified Coach in following areas Life,Health, Relationship & Business Building. 
Dear Friends,                           

Welcome to the LIVENSUCCESS.ca a comprehensive resource center to give you the strength, the emotional authority, initiative, power and drive to influence and foster a massive change in yourself and ultimately in the quality of your business and your life. I am pleased to be of services to you as a certified coach in the following major areas of life. 1. Health and Emotions, 2. Relationships ( Personal and Professional), 3. Business Development and Finance.

This resource center is designed to help you gain momentum and peace of mind in the process. By working together through any program here, you will become exceptionally competent, ready and empowered to act on some very specific principles that will bring about a measurable difference in all areas of your life.

For the last 24 years I have had a great privilege of growth in many different areas in business from sales, project management, human resource management, product development to board room’s politics and general management. I have been blessed to experience both the hot and cold climates that one can experience in business and in life. Whether it was a buyer or seller or just a cold prospect a customer  or an employee or even difficult situation, I found out that the result of my impact and influence with them was positively correlated to the impact and influence I had on myself. In the dark corners of life I found hope and strength and I have made it through some rough waves and oceans of challenges. These challenges were both in the personal and professional realms, I have used and always use every moment as a teachable moment.  

 I do consider myself a great co-creator & a motivator in business and in life, I do believe I have the strength, and the ability to create massive change in short period of time by understanding the science and delicate balance of achievement, and most importantly by having made a lot of decision and not afraid of making mistakes and not afraid of starting over again.   I have also failed massively in business and in personal life.  I have used these failing moments as the greatest teachable moments.  They have given me unique view & perspective into my own nature as a being, the creation, the creator, the observer and the observee all in one. I have realized that life is never lived in singularity and has always had and will always have paradoxical dichotomies. As long as we do not get fixated, the seasons do pass.  It is not our purpose in life to change the season, it is to build in measures within ourselves to live through the seasons dignified, whatever the outcome maybe.

My formal scientific studies in the field of Biochemistry, Psychology, Neuro-Cognitive Science, Politics & Sociology have given me the analytic,  practical, quantitative and qualitative know how of human emotion, the biochemical basis of behavior and motivation, the biochemical understanding of fear and translation of fear through linguistic representation, modeling and interaction of different variable in the same equation. My studies in these fields plus my 15 years of informal education through some of the world’s best and the leaders of the industry in peak performance  have given me first hand experience of the implication of these natural laws in our everyday social and professional lives.

“I trust you want to be trained by a coach who has experienced & lived through challenges. Strategic intervention  is a must of life at one point or another.  All areas of life such as (Health, Finance, Business Development, Emotion, Relationships and Leadership) requires strategic intervention at one point or another”

By utilizing these techniques I have managed to coach and mentor groups of different people who have been looking up to me for guidance and advice. I managed to bring about hope and prosperity to many people just like yourself. I have managed my own firms and I have managed to deliver on the big promise of changes and success and I have also looked the tiger in the eyes,  face to face whenever I met failure, I have also never been afraid of breakdowns and have used them as an opportunity to galvanize all the resources and generate an atmosphere of breakthrough.

I want to congratulate you on making the right decision to invest in yourself, since you are the source of all abundance that there is and only you can decide if you want to succeed or fail. The least I can do is not to create dependency, rather foster an era of independence, which stems from understanding of yourself and your model of the world. After all the difference between success and failure is only the self imposed limits that we inflect on ourselves.

“I Trust in you, and in your capacity to be partner  in love, happiness, change and abundance, I trust you will embrace change for yourself and your world at large.  I belief in the intrinsic good nature of universal force of expression.  You and I are both an expression of the creator and  the universe, I do not give myself the right to look down on that creation and neither do I accept it from my journey mates.”
                                                                           Hamid Azizi