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  Successful lives-lives of performance, achievement, growth, impact, leadership, and distinction—are realized not by “motivation” and or  wishful thinking, rather by comprehensively and continuously utilizing the tools resources and the road maps that bring about the true compelling reason and spirit to life. The individuals who succeed at the highest levels have hunger for challenges, development and they always want to push against their screens of reality and step out of their comfort zone. So what are their four most profound secrets?  Those secrets are so simple and yet so profound, but they have mastered them.  Those secrets are in their beliefs and attitude, the secrets are in maximizing their potentials, those secrets are in the congruency of their actions,  finally those secrets are in the way they achieve specific results not just movement and random occurrence.  The results they achieve are well executed, measured and tangible. 

 For over 22 years, Hamid Azizi has dedicated his life to modeling, researching and studying the patterns of behavior of consumers and successful business people. Through the insight of their mindset, he discovered the strategies that can be implemented by anyone no matter where they are in their lives, to change, improve and create extraordinary experiences.  Hamid has learnt that the best way to learn is not just by intellectual understanding, rather by practical implementation of strategies right now.  Hamid Wants to invite you to step up and take responsibility for the positive and negative conditions in your life and start moving away from learnt helplessness and hypnosis of social conditioning to authentic truth and reality of how you operate within yourself first, and how this mode of operation from within translates into external, patterns of language and behaviors. We invite you to take the journey towards realization of your dreams and compelling life of design not of chance.
Live Honestly, Love Endlessly, Learn Eagerly. Live in Success, It is a journey worth taking!